Mushroom Crusher Extreme is an isometric acrade-style fantasy game, where you take control of Zenon, a mage with a mission to repel the invasion of giant Shrooms on his native archipelago.


Battle against time and use your elemental magic to vanquish the invaders before it's too late!

Play in Single Player, as well as Local and Online Co-op Multiplayer.

  • Survive through hand-crafted levels and defeat all the Shrooms.​

  • Power up your spells and enhance them with new properties.​

  • Match your elemental spells against enemies and Combo them for extreme damage.​

  • Unlock new spells, levels and other goodies by completing different trials.​


Tuukka Peltoniemi

Tuukka is Mushroom Party's team lead, MCE's primary designer, and one of its artists. He's worked on many other titles in the past, including his first commercial project, Zombie Kill of the Week.


Tuukka has a liking for many different genres, ranging from RPG and puzzle games to action and platformer adventures.

Ilkka Hyyryläinen

Ilkka is the coder behind MCE.
He has previous experience in programming, yet considers Mushroom Crusher Extreme to be his first notable release. Custom shaders are his speciality.

In his free time Ilkka enjoys playing MOBA games with his friends, such as Smite and Dota 2. He also likes stealth action games and some RPGs.

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